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2022 Floods

Byron Shire Flood Recovery Update – Wednesday 2 March




Byron Shire Flood Recovery Update – Wednesday 2 March

Whilst the severe weather has eased, we are now in the clean up and recovery phase across the Shire. We have many hard days ahead.

We appreciate that many in our community will be experiencing enormous shock and heartbreak at this time.

Residents are asked to listen to the ABC radio for updates and monitor Byron Shire Council’s Emergency Dashboard.

The biggest emergency response concern is the Upper Main Arm and Upper Wilsons Creek areas. Last night the ADF were able to airlift some people out from Upper Wilsons Creek.

Additional support from the ADF has been requested to assist with our severely impacted communities.

Council staff have continued to inspect roads and assess damage.

Infrastructure Services Director Phil Holloway said due to the extensive damage in many areas, it was unknown at this stage how long the assessments would take to complete.

“It is devasting and when combined with the damage throughout Northern NSW, Councils have an enormous job ahead of restoring communities, roads and access.

“Staff have been out clearing and repairing roads to restore access where we can, but in some cases, we are only managing to get about 500 metres into a road before we come across extreme damage. This is especially the case in the hinterland with failed causeways and landslips,” he said.

Council has also requested help from NSW Public Works.

Residents and visitors should continue to limit their vehicle movement and check My Road Info for closed roads and cautions. Do not travel through flood waters.

Englishes Bridge has been washed away and there is severe damage to many causeways and landslips.

Extreme caution must be used when travelling in the Shire. For information on road closures go to the map on the front page of our emergency dashboard.

To report road damage, use the Report It tab on our website.

Water restrictions – Mullumbimby critical shortage

Due to damage to the Mullumbimby water treatment plant, the Mullumbimby potable water supply is CRITICALLY LOW and should only be used for essential purposes. Please use sparingly.

Water from Mullumbimby taps is safe to consume. Bottled water will be available at the Mullumbimby Civic Centre – please take only what you need.

As frustrating as it will be, please delay using your hose to clean up – drinking water is our top priority. Water should not currently be used for cleaning up.
Only flush your toilet when necessary. Take short showers.
If the levels drop further, the Mullumbimby water supply may need to be turned off to allow it to replenish. If this was to occur, the water would be turned off west from the Federation Bridge to the showgrounds. Council will advise if this is to occur.

In other parts of the Shire people are asked to use water sparingly.

Rous County Council is asking the community to be mindful of their water use during the current flood disaster and where possible, reduce their water consumption during this time.

This advice applies to properties connected to mains water in the areas of Lismore, Ballina, Byron Bay (excluding Mullumbimby) and areas east of and including Coraki in the Richmond Valley Shire.

This request follows high turbidity levels within Rocky Creek Dam that have reduced the capacity of Nightcap Water Treatment Plant to produce water.

Council Services
The Byron Shire Council administration building is likely to be closed until the end of the week and staff have also been personally impacted.

Communication services with phone and internet are limited. We are working hard to return to full services.

Clean up
Our resource recovery team is working to source contractor trucks to pick up and collect flood waste today. The Resource Recovery Centre at Myocum remains closed.

Garbage services to rural areas are cancelled until roads are clear. Services in urban areas are continuing as normal. If bins are not collected on the normal day, they will be emptied as soon as possible. Please continue to sort your waste so we can recover recycling and organics

“We are working to source more contractors and crews for the mammoth clean-up effort that is required for our Shire.

“If we can visit affected towns sooner, we will,” Director of Infrastructure Services Phil Holloway said.

The bulk flood waste pick up operation will continue in Mullumbimby tomorrow (Thursday 3 March) and throughout the town centre (weather permitting).

Clean up in other towns will start on Monday as follows:
Brunswick Heads – Monday 6, Tuesday 7 and Wednesday 8 March
Billinudgel and The Pocket – Wednesday 9 March onwards
North Ocean Shores (Low lying areas) – Wednesday 9 March onwards
New Brighton- Wednesday 9 March onwards
South Golden Beach – Thursday 10 March, Friday 11 March and into following week
If we can get there sooner, we will.

To help our bulk flood waste collection operation run smoothly, we ask residents to:
Place only flood damaged items on the kerbside for collection (only in areas listed above to be serviced).
Please ensure anything you want to keep, or you are drying out, is easily distinguishable from bulk flood waste piles.
Keep streets and laneways clear.
Move cars onto your driveways, if possible, to allow access for our trucks.
Where possible put your bulk waste on our main streets.
Please do not put asbestos in with your bulky waste; this is a danger for the public and staff.

Water height
While devastatingly fresh in our minds, impacted residents are being asked to measure and record the water height and save photos.
Council will be seeking this data in coming weeks to measure impacts and improve flood mapping and to support our claim for disaster recovery funding.

Sandhills childcare centre
The centre will remained closed for the remainder of the week until debris can be removed.

The council’s Community Services team is working with the local Resilience Network to provide support and ensure a coordinated approach to donations and offers of support across the Shire.

Rather than giving items that may not be needed, in the first instance please check the list on the GIVIT page, ‘What is needed’. Byron Shire has specific items listed by community organisations. You can sponsor these items and they will be distributed to Byron Shire residents affected by the floods, through trusted community service organisations and neighbourhood centres.

You can also donate money to state wide flood appeals:
Donate at GIVIT Appeals | Flood Appeal | Donate To Help People Recovering From Floods in QLD And NSW | Donate Money Or Items
Click on ‘Donate Funds to NSW Recovery’
Donate at Qld and NSW Floods Appeal | Australian Red Cross

Evacuation Centre
The Ocean Shores Country Club remains the evacuation centre for Byron Shire.

Connecting with loved ones
The Red Cross is managing a register to help people connect with loved ones who may have been impacted during this event.

Disaster funding
The Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment (AGDRP) of $1,000 per eligible adult and $400 per eligible child is available for people impacted by a flood event.

The AGDRP is a one-off, non-means tested payment and is available to eligible people in the Byron Shire who have suffered a significant loss, including a severely damaged or destroyed home or serious injury.

The Disaster Recovery Allowance (DRA) is also available.

The DRA helps employees, small business people and farmers who have lost income as a result of the floods.

The allowance provides for a maximum of 13 weeks payment from the date people have, or will lose, income as a result of the disaster.

The DRA is set at the maximum equivalent rate of the Jobseeker payment or Youth Allowance.

How to claim
Claims for the AGDRP and the DRA are open from 2pm today, 1 March 2022.
· Call Services Australia on 180 22 66.
· Via the myGov website.
· Go to the Services Australia website

Council offices
The Mullumbimby Customer Service office is closed until later this week.

Council has been impacted by the major network outages overnight, and as a result our phone system and internet service continues to be down.

Our after hours service is available to take limited calls on 02 6622 7022.

We have skeleton staff available to access our remote systems and can be contact via email

For all emergencies and life threatening situations please contact the SES 132 500 or 000.
People can also report road damage etc on the Report It tab on our website.

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2022 Floods

Two years on Annette has her keepsakes returned




Matchbook Collection.

Two years on Annette has her keepsakes returned


By Samantha Elley

Most people who experienced the loss of personal items in the 2022 flood have come to terms with the fact they will never see them again.

Annette Dale of East Wardell was no different.

Her jar of matchbooks that she had been collecting since her twenties was a hobby of hers for forty years.

“My ex-husband and I would travel about to restaurants and nightclubs and I used to collect their matchbooks,” she said.

“I managed to salvage them in the first flood and put them in a shed, but then the second flood actually took my water tank.”

The second flood also took her collection of matchbooks, still in their jar.

“I hadn’t thought about them until half way through last year,” said Annette.

Fast forward to 2024 and Annette’s daughter Katelin was scrolling on her social media when she saw a post where a staff member from the Ramada in Ballina was looking for the owner of a jar of matchbooks.

“Spotted floating along the river during the floods. Ramada staff fished this jar out of the water. We would love to return this item to its owner.”

This was the sign on the jar.

Matchbook Collection.

Matchbook Collection.

“(Katelin) rang me and said ‘Mum, I have something of yours you lost in the floods’,” said Annette.

“I started crying and she filmed me when I got it back.”

That video was posted on the Wardell CORE Community Organised Resilience Effort page and Annette has been overwhelmed with all the positive comments and good wishes.

“To have my glass jar float all the way from East Wardell to the Ramada is amazing,” she said.

Annette said the flood waters didn’t affect Wardell until March 1 and she thought she was safe on a mound.

However, when she woke up that morning she realised she was on an island and needed rescuing.

“I got rescued on a jet ski by two (very handsome) men,” she said.

“It was a terrifying experience, it was a leap of faith and I prayed the whole time.”

For the next six months Annette lived with her daughter and son-in-law in Tuckombil until the house was in a decent state to move back into.

Having her long lost collection of match books back has lifted her spirits no end and she visited the Ramada last Friday to meet the staff who saved her keepsakes.

“I am totally grateful to the Ramada staff,” she said.


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2022 Floods

RC of Ballina-on-Richmond Temporary Home Project




RC of Ballina-on-Richmond Temporary Home Project

RC of Ballina-on-Richmond Temporary Home Project


January 2023 the Rotary Club of Ballina-on-Richmond embarked on the biggest projects it has ever undertaken in its 38 years; The Temporary Housing Project which supplies small homes on people’s properties where their homes are unliveable due to the devastating floods of 2022.

A recovery team from the Rotary Club comprising Col Lee Flood Recovery coordinator, marketing and finance, Donella Kinnish  Project manager and Paul Sleeth builder was set up. The team is involved in all the interviews, site inspections and the building program.

RC of Ballina-on-Richmond Temporary Home Project

Temporary Home Project Kitchen

The criteria is: the applicant must have had their home flood affected and unliveable. They must have running water, a working toilet of some sort and some form of electricity which are State Government requirements.

The homes come as a flat pack and open out when raised. They are positioned  on footings concreted into the ground and elevated around 110-150ml off the ground to allow adequate air flow under the temporary house to limit mould. They are built in China, have all the electrics and ADR compliance carried out in Australia before the are transported to the site for erection.

They come with full security bars on the windows, LED lighting, multiple power points and 15 amp circuit breaker and wiring. The erection of the homes takes around 20 minutes after the crane truck positions the home on the footings . Once secured in place they are fitted out with a kitchenette, gas hot water service, fire alarm, microwave and fridge. Some also have showers added externally.

RC of Ballina-on-Richmond Temporary Home Project

Temporary Home Project

The project has supplied homes in all local LGAs with the latest 5 x homes going into Nimbin due to landslides . In all 36 homes have been supplied with a further two to be erected in Nimbin when the access to the properties dries out. Once completed it will be a $630,000 project providing a warm, secure and solid temporary home for up to five years.

A great advantage with this product is that once the recipients have repaired or replaced their original home to a liveable standard , the temporary home can be easily dismantled, transported and reused on another site where a natural disaster has occurred. Not going into landfill which is often the case for other temporary homes.


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2022 Floods

Community house raising workshop brings local experience and expert knowledge to Byron Shire




House raising workshop Mullumbimby

Community house raising workshop brings local experience and expert knowledge to Byron Shire


Thursday 21 March 2024
Mullumbimby Civic Memorial Hall

Living Lab Northern Rivers is inviting the Byron Shire community to a free workshop in Mullumbimby to learn more about house raising and what they need to think about before they start their project.

The workshop is designed to assist anyone considering raising their home – old or new – to protect themselves from future floods. Whether they’ve qualified for government assistance, or they’re just taking the initiative, the goal is to help them think through the critical issues to make their project truly successful.

Hosted by Dan Etheridge, Engagement Director of Living Lab Northern Rivers, together with staff from James Davidson Architects, attendees will hear personal stories of people who have raised their houses in flood prone areas across the Northern Rivers and Brisbane. The presenters will be sharing practical steps on lifting homes to a safer level and highlighting the challenges and opportunities that this change can create.

There will also be Byron Shire Council Planning and Recovery Officers there to answer any questions about relevant regulations and requirements in the area. A case manager from NSW Reconstruction Authority will be in attendance to assist with any specific property questions.

House raising workshop Mullumbimby

House raising workshop Mullumbimby

Dan Etheridge expressed the importance of careful consideration before starting a house raising project.

“There are beautiful old houses across the Northern Rivers, and raising them out of harm’s way allows them to continue sheltering and protecting our families as they’ve done for many decades. This workshop is designed to help people decide what’s best for them and their home, before engaging anyone to work. This way, they’re in a good position to drive their project towards a clear and well-considered outcome. Then they can enjoy their new perch, from a little higher in the sky”.

The workshop is free and all are welcome to attend. Places are limited so registration via the Living Lab Northern Rivers website is essential.

How High? Thinking through a successful house raising project
Presented by Living Lab Northern Rivers
Thursday 21 March 2024, 5.00pm—6.30pm
Multipurpose Room, Mullumbimby Civic Memorial Hall
55 Dalley Street, Mullumbimby NSW 2482
Free. All are welcome.
Places are limited and registration is essential.
This venue is wheelchair accessible.


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